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Tale of Two Cock Destroyers, A

Released: Dec 27, 2019

Our exclusive! An intensely sexy and wildly entertaining co-production between and TLAgay that you'll only be able to get here! In A Tale of Two Cock Destroyers, constable JJ Knight deals with combative stable boy Johnny Rapid, accidentally introducing him to a cock-destroying f-rce of nature. After a failed garden party, cock destroyer Madame Sophie prepares her whores for their shift.

Constable Knight takes Ty Mitchell - the newest arrival in the brothel - for a ride as fellow cock destroyer Rebecca comes back for revenge. Next, Ty Mitchell and the constable JJ Knight discuss the state of affairs at the brothel. Cock destroyers Sophie and Rebecca are instructed to stop their feuding. Ty and Joey Mills discuss scandals yet to come. One of Joey's regulars (Leander) pays him a visit for a rousingly-hot time. But a new arrival in the brothel promises greater trouble still. In the third scene, Johnny's application for work is carefully scrutinized by Madame Sophie. The boys in the brothel discuss their conspiracies old and new. Leander is interrogated about unrest in the brothel. Johnny fills a sensitive poet (Jonas Jackson) with inspiration - and more.

In the series' wildly-entertaining concluding scene, all of the brothel's secrets are at last revealed as all of its residents meet for a final confrontation. The assassination of the constable is narrowly avoided, Cock Destroyers Rebecca and Sophie's rivalry is finally settled, and the whores decide to teach the constable a final lesson in the value of repeat customers. A Tale of Two Cock Destroyers is a smash-hit you simply cannot miss!

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